Supporting your Staff

Being a Senior Living Caregiver requires patience, understanding, and can be demanding in time, energy and emotionally.

Senior Living Chaplains is Here for You

Employees dealing on a daily basis with the changing moods and physical demands of caring for seniors is a challenging and emotionally draining position. Management deals with an employee and resident base that is constantly turning over, as well as listening to family members who seem to never be satisfied.  During their regularly scheduled visits, a Senior Living Chaplain will be available to any employee or administrator for a brief discussion about a personal problem or issue. Longer discussions during lunch, a break, at a home or other neutral site, before or after work hours are a natural extension of growing relationships.

Chaplains are an extension of the company’s care for their people: employees and managers. Senior Living Chaplains are in constant contact with each respective property’s administrator, activities coordinator and head nurse to understand the overall mood and changing conditions of the people connected to a facility.  Chaplains accentuate the joyous times, as well as providing uplift during the times of sadness and depression.

Services Provided

Company chaplain services for all employees and immediate family members are voluntary, confidential and neutral from company operations.

Community Relationships

  • Make regular visits to the community (usually weekly) to interact with employees to build a relationship of trust and friendship.
  • Provide 24 hour, 365 day-a-year, nationwide Chaplain Emergency Care for crisis intervention, and work closely with management on any emergency situation or employee needs.

Chaplain Care Team Activities

  • Visit employees or immediate family members wherever care can be expressed and help given: hospitals, nursing homes, funeral homes, family homes or other neutral sites.
  • At the request of an employee:
  • Assist in planning, officiating or attending weddings for employees or immediate family members, including pre-marital discussions and follow-up contact with newlywed couple.
  • Help plan, conduct or attend funerals for employees or immediate family members, including follow-up support and encouragement to immediate family members during the grief period.
  • Provide, upon request, a voluntarily attended Memorial service for fellow co-workers of a deceased employee either at the workplace or a neutral site.
  • Make jail visits to employees and immediate family members who are incarcerated; assist the family during times of separation; help with the transition of individuals back into mainstream society.
  • Help locate representative of their religious group.
  • Serve on the Death & Serious Injury Notification Team to families of employees killed or injured in a job-related accident or have died of natural causes while on the job.

Personal Care

  • Provide individual, as well as immediate family, confidential chaplain discussions for problem issues including, but not limited to, marriage, divorce and remarriage, serious illness, death and grief recovery, parenting, care of aging parents, as well as any other personal issues.
  • At Company request, provide post-termination care for laid-off or terminated employees in order to foster a smooth transition to another work environment.
  • Help coordinate assistance for employees or immediate family members who require professional help with issues related to drug or alcohol dependency and/or psychiatric problems through outpatient or hospitalized care.
  • Provide referral service and act as coordinator for specialized assistance to employees and/or immediate family members with specific needs.

Support Activities

  • Draft suggested letters of “Concern,” “Sympathy,” “Appreciation,” and “Congratulations” to employees and immediate family members for the signature of the Company President, CEO, or other designated executive leadership.
  • Write articles of interest for Company publications, as requested by management.
  • At Company request, advise on matters of morals, ethics and morale as they impact individuals in the work force and the Company.
  • Speak at in-house or outside events as requested by management.
  • Provide, as appropriate and upon request, informational materials to help employees and immediate family members deal with specific issues/problems at no additional expense to the Company or its employees.
  • When requested, represent the Company to suppliers as the Company Chaplain.
  • Participate in new employee orientation to explain the Employee Care Service and the role of the Chaplain Team.
  • Respond positively and aggressively to other duties and services within the chaplain role and scope of services as requested by Executive Leadership of the Company.