See what other Senior Living Communities are saying about us.

“The chaplain team has a real concern for our residents and family members; they have exceptional listening skills. Chaplains give residents and staff an opportunity to vent and relieve some of their problems and stress. This saves the director time and energy and keeps some of the problems separate from work duties.”
Carol Rigsby – Raytown, MO

“Our chaplain is a great asset and assists with a variety of activities to build rapport with residents; they are comfortable and open with her.”
Angie Cozadd – Macomb, IL

“Our chaplain team is very well-received by our residents and staff, because they actually show that they genuinely care about us. They are very willing to come to the building at any time, whether it be for staff concerns or resident issues.”
Kathy Dye – Burlington, IA

“This is a great program, and I am so pleased to have this in my building. It’s a wonderful support for all of us.”
Dawn Statton – West Des Moines, IA

“I cannot say enough good things…The chaplains are always responsive to special events, deaths and emergencies. We are able to provide a seamless service to our residents and their families.”

Constance Traum – Sioux City, IA

“The chaplain team gives support for our residents and staff during happy times and times of crisis.”

“Our chaplain captures the trust and attention of residents and staff. He draws quite a crowd when visiting the cottage.”
Alisa Elkins – Quincy, IL

“Our chaplains are an extension of the Bickford family; they show us the love and concern as if they were our own family. We are fortunate to have them.”
Bonnie Smith – Marion, IA

“Our chaplains are always visible and willing to assist. They do a great job with residents and families on a daily basis and during difficult times.”
Pamela Carlson – Lincoln, NE

“I am very pleased with our Chaplaincy Service. During our recent budget meetings chaplaincy was discussed. Our Senior Living Chaplain Care Team was initially a “temporary item” grouped in with contract/temporary labor costs for the first year as we evaluated its effectiveness. Both I and my Social Worker insisted this be moved to “permanent” line item status because we have had such great results that we do not want to worry about losing our chaplains from Senior Living Chaplains- cut someplace else, we can’t do without our Chaplains!” 
Emilie Fowler – Lewisville, TX